Well last night was a great game night for me, i actully felt like i have something accomplished in one night.

Me and a few guildies wanted to run Lavastorm and go thru the new content added. we basically did all the new lava storm content and i am only 1 quest away from gaining access to Wards of Elements zone, i think this is the Solo shard zone that they were talking about wooohooo.

but we grinded for 3 hours last night killing everything in site and running back to the docks to do the turn-ins, in that 3 hours time, i had collected a little of 6plat from all the kills and quest that were completed. Awsome Night, the loot in this are from the kills alone are great, mainly coin.

tonight i plan on going back and completeing the quest and gaining my entrence to that Zone and see what it hold for me.

Untill next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath.