Well GU51 launched yesterday and with that came the lavastorm revamp, and with what i have seen so far i was really impressed. i headed over to Lavastorm and the first thing i noticed was alot more folks hanging out in this zone and not to mention that there was 4 different lavastorms to choose from. i picked up a few quest and headed in, i noticed that the area on the beach to the left of the docks is now passable and leads to the battle field of incoming void creatures from the beyond.

being lvl 80 on chubbs really helps when new content comes out and you want to see whats going on, and this was a great night i only play for about 45 min last night but i completed 4 of the 6 quests i picked up in Lavastorm that was new. I tried the new Horse travel system out and went all the way to Sol Ro and just wondered from there. i was looking for the new Solo Void shard quest that is to been release with this update and could not find it, dont know if it was bugged or i overlooked it gota do some more research on that to find the name. Also The T3 Armor came out with this update and the vendors are on the Docks.

So tonight i hope some folks are on in guild i want to get a band of guildies and venture into the x2 raid zone that was released and maybe a few Shard quest.

had a great time in the New Lavastorm area even though it was only 45 min, I accomplished alot.Tonight i will not play Runes of Magic its only Eq2 time.

Untill Next time Happy Hubting in Norrath.