Ok so last night i did not do much of anything, i was finishing off a few quest in KJ and just gaining faction up and trying to collect as much trash as i could to sell and make some loot, in the process i gained another AA with out even trying..lol
Not much to report on this past monday just i was boried and no one was on in guild, didnt feel like a P.U.G (pick up group) so i just solo’d a bit, mainly stayed in KJ arounf the City of mist area gaining my faction up not to bad, it takes only 1 quest to get your faction up here but getting there is a problem. If you dont have the bird path up here then you have to fight your way thru Satherian Mobs and their Dog/wolf with Scales, or you can invis to the quest giver and then start wacking away. i did the quest in about 10 min had to kill 15 of the Satherians Overlords i think, then i repeated it a few tie just be be certain on the faction. these quest up give good loot too some of the quest rewards were too low for me or the stats were not good, and everything was no trade so i just sold to the vendor. not bad i made about 5 plat just in trash and another 2 plat on broker from the night before, i add 10 more things to the broker and cant wait to see what it brings in for me.

Today GU51 went out to the servers
I can not wait to get home tonight so i can play in some new lavastorm area, i see that they made a lvl 80 solo area woot woot and some solo Void shard instance cant wait to see if i can solo it or not. easy way to get some shards. Other than that i am really stoked to play tonight, my first plan was to Log into Runes of Magic and get some play time in the open Beta and test the waters to see what it will be like, but i just may push that off to thursday, never know i still may get an hour in for RoM really depends on what mood i am in tonight.

Well Enjoy the new update and happy hunting in Norrath.