Well Friday night the alliance raided Shard of Hate, We did fairly well we killed 3 of the 4 named in the general area with no problems, and cleared out alot of trash mobs and received some much needed loot. It was a fun time getting in there and learning the area, and seeing things that i have not seen before, Gained some Disco in this area and even gained an AA point from going here. it was a really fun time.

Saturday i didnt do much gaming , i was under the weather and didnt feel like logging in for one, i just could not stop sweating and coughing damn spring Flu bug. i took the kids to See Monsters Vs Aliens, Not a bad movie kids really enjoyed it but again i was just waiting for it to be over so i could lay on the couch. got home and found heaven on my couch, Zonked out after taking the wrong cold meds Night time instead of daytime and found that i was in a Slumber till 4am got up and staggered to bed.

Sunday i awoke to feel more miserable than Saturday made it to Walmart to do our grocery shopping before the church folk got there, was home by 1230pm and got a few things done around the house. logged into Eq2 to find alot of people in guild, we formed a quick group to goto CoA ( Crypt of Agony) to gain some AA for Jonna, Kendrea, Blackk, Sheldmirine (however you spell that Mya) , Alyse and Chubby that were in need of XP and AA. We did pretty good a few of the group members got a couple upgrades in armor, charms and weapons . we only had a few probs when we had Add’s pop when we were killing a couple names but other than that we did really good. I logged off around 530-6pm for dinner and family time and didnt get back in till almost 10pm not many were on in guild and i was sorta tired from being sick all weekend. i went to Kunzar jungle and did about 5 or 6 quest to up my reet faction and i earned around 6 plat from the turn ins and the trash  that i sold, i gained a few adept I books that i put on broker so still waiting to see what i get from them. I Logged off around 1130pm again was not feeling up to playing so i went to bed.

Monday came with a streak of brgiht light (kids flipping the lights on) but i feel much better and plan on getting on tonight around 8pm and see if i can get a few shard zones going, i have go to the fact that i am going to need alot of shards in order to get the armor that i want for now untill i can get good enough and untill our raids take us to Vesheens Peak.

Hmmmmm how i long for the Armor Set: Furious Execution.

Once i receive this i should be set for a while or untill i can get my T3 Void armor when its released.

Well untill next Time Happy Hunting in Norrath