Well we had some general T5 raids listed to do just for fun to get some lvl 50+ folks involved in raiding. and we had a great turn out. Bownzer did a awsome job being our raid leader and is really patient with all of us.

Our first stop was in Commonlands Zeferns Tower to kill King Zalak. This went really well of course the higher level toon mentored down to our lower toons so we had a raid comprised of lvl 50 upto 60 and Chubby was in charge of the adds and bownzer was in charge of the King. All DPS was to be linked to me and once the adds were down, we were to assist Bownzer on the  main named “King Zalak”. i had a blast we killed the adds in like less than a min and ran over to bownzer, it was funny i keep stealing his aggro on purpose just to see if i could keep it and i did for a coule seconds untill he stole it back..King went down in like a minute if not less. We got our loot and now we were off to Thundering Steeps.

2. Thundering Steeps – The Cove of Decay: Epic Angler- Well this was our next stop we decided to have a little competition between me and Bownzer so we split the raid into 2 separate raids i was in grp 2 and i took grp 4 of the orig. raid and her took 1 & 3. all i have to say is that this was bugged from the start they were able to log in and we kept getting a error saying we werent able to go in, then all of a sudden Silent clicked the door and Bam zone in commenced, i heard in our misfit alliance channel that the other raid grp was split into 2 separate instances and was not able to get the zone started. by this time we were in there and i took off running towards the mobs, now the mobs were whited out and not able to attack so i went for a swim and everyone followed , just when i was calling the fish in the water aggroed us along with the crabs and the named “Rognog” i graded all the aggro thank god for group aggro spell i have, and told them to heal me and DPS thru me, it was great the  fish went flying, crabs were cracked and the Name came crashing down, before he fell he hit me with a knock back and i went flying across the zone…man was that fun.. Zoned out and rubbed it in Bownzers face that my raid group was better than his raid group because we finished the instance and he didn’t…LOL…Next stop the Ferrott

3. The Ferrott -Meeting of the Minds-The lair of Overlord Oxulius

We had to kill  Borxx, Braxx, Brixx,Pkzwk Tzkr, & Overlord Oxulius, this went rather fast we were done in like 2 minutes killing all 5 of these.

4. Spirits of the Lost – The Temple of Cazic-Thule

this was bugged we could not get the instance to come up nothing to report here.

5. Antonica  – Firemyst Gully: Shattered Stillness

Again this was bugged we could not get the zone to populate with the mobs that we needed or some of th raid was split off into a separate instance.

So that was it for our Raid we called it there, i wish we would of did a few more of the T5 raids like the Permafrost  raids -Drayek’s Chamber, & Crypt of Vox. or the Lavastorm  T5 Raid Commune of K’Dal in Maiden’s Gulch  or the one in Zek, the Orcish Wastes – Orcish Mines. Oh well there is allways next time.

i had a great time getting these zones done, yes i am level 80 but i have never been in those instances and gained some much needed AA for going there and killing the bosses. Next i hope we do the T6 raids which has 7 Instances, 2 Contested Zones & 8 Contested mobs man i hope i could really use the AA on that.

We had almost 2 groups of Knights of Marr members in the raid so we had a good turn out and the rest was Stealth which they have more folks than us but with the 2 guilds allianced it always turns out well.

Untill Next time Happy Hunting in Norrath