Well last night was my typical Tuesday night gaming, well i did log in late due to messing with ACT for about 2 hrs just trying to figure out this thing and figure the timing of my combat arts and spells…ahhh do they make a ACT for dummies manual i could really use it.

Well last night i wanted to get some more updates towards my epic (fabled) and i was already sitting in Butcherblock Mts so i went to the next step IRON FORGE East.. i had to speak to Brom Axeshadow or something similar, Now this next part of the quest is not for the animal lovers and i had a hard time with this myself, but i was to kill his cat Bryon on top of the bookcase to get my update, Now i have 2 cats and a dog, we would have 2 cats , a dog and 2 hermit crabs too but the damn hermit crabs didnt want to stick around and the moved into the pasture with the daisys…If ya know what i mean. But it was tough decision to make for a update on my epic, Yes i play a evil toon and this is part of being evil, but why must the developers of EQ2 put such content in this game, now i know that there is another quest out there too where you have to drown a sack of kittens, OK What the hell did the kittens to to the Devs anyways now that is 2 quest that you have to kill kittens…C’mon devs ya know kids play this game too right, what is this saying to our youth. I did it for the sake of my epic, i wasnt happy that i did but i did. i just feel that they could of came up with a better solution to get this NPC to talk that didnt involve kittens. So enought of my ranting on this subject.

after i got my quest update, the next step was to form a groub and head to sebilis and go deep in this area, but there was really no one on to go to this area, so instead Healyou asked me to goto Scion again and get 2 shards..Of course i said yes, i just simply love this zone and know it like the back of my hand because i have ran it so much. we died only 3 times durning the whole run, untill we came to the final boss at the begining, he killed us twice and one was not faid he had 11% and did a Single shot AOE that killed the entire grp…WTF he’s not suppose to do that or at least thats the first i have saw that out of 10 runs of Scion. the 3rd time we faced him we were bettered prepared, i conserved my mana, and hit him with the most damaging spells and taunts he only hit me with 1 AOE and then he was Down for good.

i love the AOE of this zone if you are not positioned just right you become a human Cannonball. its just so fun to see yourself fly across the room. So after we finished Scion AGAIN, i collect the additional shard and killed some leporads and skellys and other things just to get some trash to sell on the broker and vendor trash guy. made 2 plat from the run and the trash i picked up not bad, plus what i sold during the day, today so it was a good night.

Tonight we have our weekly raid, we are doing lvl 50+ raids 5 different T5 zones will be included in this tonight and i cant wait, i hope we goto some areas that i never had the chance to got so i can get some AA points and get chubby some more stats..wooohoo lets hope.

I have been looking at CRA as well just to see if i can get in some raids on my off nights to get better equiped and learn from others that have been raiding, i have been a member of CRA for about 2 years and never went on a raid with them yet, just never got really interested in it till the last couple of months, so well see where it leads too.

Untill next time

Happy hunting in Norrath