Yeah so just like the title says, is what i think of a monday. Its begining of a new work week of 8-5pm and gaming from 8pm-2am and i wonder why i am so tired durning the work week.

But last night was Slow, not many people in guild was on at first, but as soon as i logged in i got an Private message from an old friend Timpleton wanting to know if i wanted to do the DD, i was like sure why not i can go for 4 shards 2 from the DD, 1 in the chest in the zone and 1 from another quest =4 shards. However it was in the Abr. Labs in Fens and i have been here once and didnt get far, well same went for last night it didnt go very well, i did however make some new friends Jaleena nice girl talks alot but nice and one hell of a Monk she was out DPSing me all over the place, we left the DD and went to CoA and i told her that she can be the tank since she can do more damage and i’ll be off tank and grab aggro if she gets in trouble. went well we did not Die at all, the zone droped some good look for some lower level toons most was No-trade so i ust vendor trashed it and still came out with 3 Plat just in vendor trash, and made another 3 plat on the broker so far.I would diffently group with her again.

Tonight is tuesday, i dont know what is in store for this evening, i finally gained my faction with city of Jinsk in Kunzar jungle and bought my emerald for the epic, i also went and turned it in to Vasliy and then went back to Nek Forest to the instance, and got the update for the quest, now i am alomost finished with the quest, i think my next stop is back in selibis, or Barren sky area, i have to look and see where i am at on the epic but i do know i only have a couple more steps before i get my fabled epic.

Hopefully tonight we can get a shard grp going so i can get my brestplate or shoulders i dont want to get a full set just because so of the armor i have now is alot better than the T1 Shard armor and will lower my stats, but on the other hand i can always upgrade to the T2 armor and it still is not as goo as some of the armor i already have, i really want to goto Veeshan Peak and get the Excutioners Furious Armor set drops there, i think they are patterens that you take to JW at the docks and have the NPC craft them for you.going to see if i can get in some raids going to that area.

Well untill Next time

Happy Hunting in Norrath