Scion of Ice is a really fun instance if you know what to expect, if you are a first timer to this zone it can be frustrating and amazing all at once.

Well Healyou and Chubby wanted to get a group together and run this zone again for the usuasl 2 shards, ( 1 from chest , & 1 from Quest), so we sent the calls out to guild to see if anyone wanted to join us and ew got Mezer & Jonna and we got Gildan and Nyskian from our raid Allaince Stealth.

Me and Healyou have been here several times and the last few time we struggled with some of the mobs, this time we started off great, of course i was the MT and Healou was my own personal, but things were going good we were killing the mobs with ease and had only died once due to my lack of judgement on a pull. We started with the Left side first and just walked our way thru it we got down to the room where the Valkryie are and again i got alittle to close when going around the trap and pulled the mob too early, Not all members were in the room yet. once we revived and buffed up i gave the count down and we pulled the mobs from the center with no problems i gave a quick break in between pull just enough to get enough mana back , we cleared the ring event from the center and proceded to Arkhen & Zaza.

Now since we had 2 new people in the group thats never been to Scion before, we were giving instructions to Mezer and Jonna, which did a great job in the zone. So once we cleared the room up to Zaza and Arkhen we told Mezer to go ahead and let me know when he was Mezzing Arkhen so i can lay my rescue on Zaza and beat the hell out him. As i mentioned before this zone can be wonderful and deadly all wraped in one, the the 2 names grouped together there was no stopping the onslaught that they would lay upon us, so we stressed that we need the one mezzed and by no means let them join forces. So he pulls and Mez’s Arkhen and i gained the aggro on Zaza and proceeded to waylay on this named. At one point in the fight i lost aggro, i think Gildan absorbed my aggro and Zaza was on a rampage at this point my Rescue was down and i was Taunting with everything i had, group taunt, reg taunts, and my fav Sneering assult, and finally i gained the aggro back and Killed Zaza at this time i was at 75% Mana and grabbed Arkhen and he went down rather quickly, didnt lose aggro one time.

Durning the course of the night I was battling with Gildan over aggro, so i need to look at my specs and see if i can improve my hate gain and taunts so i am not losing aggro as much.

We made it thru the whole zone opened our chest and received our shard, and killed the final Boss in the begining area of the zone.

Over all it was a great night, Heal & I have only killed the final boss once before, we have tried several times but failed to beat him on the other runs of this zone.

So i want to thank all that attended this run of Scion last night and say lets get this say group for tonights run and afterwards do the next level, “The Phyircal” or something like that. We had a kick arse grp and want to see how far we can go, and what else we can Kill.

Good job everyone

Until next time

Happy Hunting in Norrath