Loot off 1st Named

Loot off 1st Named


Well we raided Emerald Halls again this weekend, this time we picked up where we left off, 2nd floor we had a good turn out and just proceeded to lay into these mobs like they were nothing. We cleared our way to the Unicorn and Faydrakes and thats where it all happened, we could not get past the Unicorn. Sure we had a few deaths on the way to this point but nothing like this unicorn and her drakes both mobs place a stun on the group or certain members as an AOE and if you are in range then you are not going to be able to help untill the stun wears off. I had the drakes and i wa keeping the aggro but my healers were getting stunned and i was going down fast. so we changed it up and i had the Unicorn and Bownzer had the Drakes, we were doing this part good untill the stun happened again, we are going to figure a way to get around the stuns and get her cleared. I think the next run at this zone we have to start back at the 1st floor and do it from the begining.

All in we had a great turn out and had tons of Fun from  the pic in the begining of this blog is some of the loot tat droped during our raid, Chubby picked up the scitimar and is now using it to duel weild and he is not doing too bad at it either.


Untill Next time

Happy Hunting in Norrath