Thursday night 3/19/09 was Chardok night, I needed to go to this instance to receive an update on chubbys Berzerker’s epic quest and obtain Kedge gills from lvl 80+ Heroic mobs..yeah that sounds like fun.

So i was debating on leveling up my ShadowKnight when the message came thru the channle from our raid allaince, “Anyone wanna goto Chardok to help with Epic update?”…Hmmmm I need and update in there too i said. So i responded to the Call and was invited to the group, Now the group consisted of 2 Wizards,  1 Conji, 1 Berzerker (Me), 1 Warlock, & 1 Inqusitior.

So we started in and killing things as we went, however we had died like 5 times before the red gate, i was already at 50% on my armor and it wasnt looking too good, Now some of the deaths were my fault, but not all. I was starting to get frustrated, these deaths we coming on fastre and faster

So we made it past the red gate and commenced to kill the mobs again. It seemed that we would kill 20 mobs and then die 3 times in a row. we were clearing the mobs as we died, and got rezed  but after 3 repair kits i was only 5 kills from calling it quits. So we kept going on and started to be a little more solid and not dieing as much, as much was the key word. I finally received my update half ways thru the zone, all members in our party got their updates except 1, and they were calling it for the night, at that point i noticed that Healyou was on and talked the group in to staying for a little longer to help heal get his update in this area, at this point we have been in this zone for about 4 hours, they all agreed and one of the members had to go anyways i told Heal to get to Chardok we was going to get his update tonight.  He was happy, we got in there and we started to lay the smake down on the mobs, heal was keeping me alive and i was happy we had a true healer in the group. But things went south after about 30 min in grp we started to die again, 3 more deaths Damn at 20% on armor i called out everyone else was about the same, then i said lets do this again and make it count this time “NO MORE DEATHS” they all chuckled because i stole that from Bownzer our Raid Leader..So nw that the group had a jolt of energy , fire under their arse or whatever it was we started to kick the mobs arse and take names . We made it to the bookkeeper for healyou and followed him i was jumping ahead and gettig the mobs on the way to the libaray, and we get to where the Update is and BOOOOOOOOOOM…..We wiped. Now at this point i was pulling my hair out not only was i broken in my armor, i felt like i let a guildie down, i told heal that i didnt care if we were here all night he was gettting his update..the group disbanded i gave a call to the guild and was able to get Twixt, Sinfire , Cece and we pick up a fellow on the way.

so back to Chardok : a Place of Death.

So we started killing again and i noticed that we were not dieing oh my whats the difference we had 2 healers, 1 tank, 1 offtank, and 2 DPS  thats what the difference was i think, but anyways we were going thru killing these mobs left and right before we knew it we were back at the book keeper and had only died about 5 times, We started to follow the bookkeeper again and we keep dieing in the same part each time, heal was frustrated i was frustrated and he was giving up i was now in this zone for almost 6hours. Heal finally gave up i was really upset and was going to call it when Sin said he wanted to do the DD, ewwwwww Void Shards and i would get 3 for that zone maybe 4 Hmmmmmmmm Ok lets do it ..the DD was Nu’roga. Never been before me and corliss was lost when we was looking for it last time. we took a group in and started to lay waste to all in the zone. We made it to the Dragon and kept wiping, we tried and tried and tried  and could not get past the dragon. At this pont it was almost 5am, i was What 5am i have to be at work at 8am and havent been to sleep yet…Ahhhhhhhhhh. so i told them i had to go sorry guys next time.

Over all i died so many times last night i lost track , i know i paid over 1.5 plat for repairs on armor which is not fun, really didnt win much of any loot. but i did have a good time in a way, Deaths were really starting to bother me but we over came it .

Friday & Saturday are Raid Nights, and cant wait to join in i may take a little nap before the raid since i was gaming all night last night, the nap on luch break really helped me

So until next time

Happy Hunting in Norrath