Ok well Monday 3/16/09 was not a very productive night, i logged into my alt and leveled my ShadowKnight up to level 13, now she is ready for her new set of armor, i already mad Adept III spells upto level 20, so i need to get back on and make lv 21 -30 next just so that i have.  So i logged Chubetta in to make the armor and really couldnt choose what armor was best for her, she is laying the smackdown on all the mobs that she deals with and has only died 2 times so far. I really enjoy playing the shadowknight, still a tank class but has spells too, different trust me but i do likie.

So i was looking over the armor and noticed Heal was on his alt Gokklok and Shadowblades was on too at first i didnt notice it and just thought they were having a argument, here they were actully Roleplaying their Charcters..lol  and i got semi-mad the other night at heal for i thought he was being a jerk but in fact he was roleplaying that night too, i laugh now but was steamed up that night to where i looged out and made a alt that was not guild tagged..lol

So i joined in on the fun shadowblades was ginving it to Gokklok and i joined the fun, i only Rp a few times and you gota know the history behind the raes and class of your toon Gokklok being a depressed Frogglok and Shadow being a Aragont Dark elf ( Ok so i cant spell), chubetta is a Half-elf or as Shadow said ” The Bastard Children of a inferior race” (Human + Elf = Halfelf). so i dealt with that, but had fun with it. Shadow was getting ready to log for the night and it was just me and Gokklok and he was looking for help on a ques, so i logged Chubby on and went to butcherblock and mentored down to him, We had to kill some wizards on the islands across for Butcherblock docks. I have fun with it, i was pulling 5-6 and just doing AoE’s killing everything in site, he was getting his updates and i was getting AAXP.

So after we did that quest we started another and killed everything , Gokklok ended up dining and i gained an AA point it was fun to help even though this was Heals Alt it still betters the guild when we get the toons to level up.

Monday was slow, had some fun till i was the only one in guild, so i logged my SK back in remembering that i never did make that armor for her..lol

Tuesday i didnt log on i spent time with my family (Wife & kids) and then fell asleep on the couch before 9 pm lol woke up at 10 and went to bed.

Tonight i plan on getting on and getting a shard run done and also completeing a few quest in KJ, Fens , and Moors. I may bring my alt to the guild but not sure of that just yet.

Untill Next time Happy Hunting in Norrath