Well Congrats to Eq for sticking around for 10 years, i played Eq1 for a long time up to the launch of Eq2 and back in those days my pc had a mind of its own sometimes it would run and other it wouldnt, but i lover the expereince of Eq1. I was on alot of raids back then, and raids are different now in eq2 than they were in Eq1. Now you can have a 4 groups of 6 raiding for a total of 24, back then i remember 50-100 (ok i extended the truth there) people coming out for raids it was crazy people everywhere and it was fun back then.

But Everquest in general has lasted 10 years thats amazing to see and also have been apart of, my toon never made it past level 55 in eq1 but i always had something to do in the game from PUG, to solo content, to just hanging out in the caves by freeport, we always had something to do.

Now Eq2 have basically been around for 5 years its still going strong, new content, quest, ideas flowing, there is so much that you can do in Eq2 now.

So heres to sony for making to Great games that i have been apart of and Congratzzzzzzzzz to Eq1.. Also here’s to another 5+ years to Eq2 its been a blast and cant wait to see what the future has in store.