Well i logged in last night to see if anyone wanted to get some shard quest done or maybe a chardok group, a few folks need that area for updates on their epic quest, and i was in a helping mood last night, however when i pulled up guild member window i found that it was a bunch of flipping alt’s that were on…It was an flipping  Altapaloozaa fest 2009 style..lol.

So no one really wanted to do anything but work on their alts, Heal of course was giving me a hard time / joking around, but it really irrated me lol guess that what happens when you quit smoking, the little things bug you.

So my buddy Corliss jumped on and needed help in fens so he can level, Why not i really didnt have anything to do, so we went to fens he shared what he had that i havent completed already..lol and we begain to wreak havoc upone the creatures of Fens / Overthere/ what ever it is now..lol

i Mentored down to 74 so he would get that extra bonus, he was fresh out of potions from vet rewards too bad that would of been really good. So we ran around looking the quest up on wikia and using the POI’s on the map (EQ2maps is what i use)   we completed about 7-9 quest only 5 we actully had to go back and turn in. I took him to a few post for the flight paths, i forgot about 2 that i need to take him too so if he logs on Monday then i will take him there so he will have all the flight paths.

There was an area where i received Disco which is great when you are already lv 80 and only gain EXP towards  AA points Mines of ?? i wanna Say Moria but thats LoTR..lol which i thought was funny bucause it was / or at least i think it is a easter egg area, meaning SOE was making fun of LoTR with this part of Fens, but i gained so good EXP and loot in this area and my go back an solo for the loot to sell, plus i need Silicate loam and its so flipping expensive on the broker. So i only got us killed twice in the whole 4 hours we were grouped, Corliss gained 1 level he is now Lv 75 and he gained quite a few AA points last night, Around 11pm EST he deceided to log and goto bed, i was still wide awake; even though i pull 12.5 hours on Friday and another 12 hours of EQ2 on saturday basically i was awake more than 24 hours straight this weekend and 24.5 of those hours were in Eq2 from Friday – Sunday and Sunday was a rest sorta day didnt log in till 8pm.

Breakdown to Deceide if i am Nuts or not:

Friday logged in at 10:15pm logged out on Saturday @ 10:30am (stayed awake no sleep because we had too much to do on saturday with Family)

Saturday logged in at 7:30pm and logged out on Sunday at 8am (Slept from 8:05am till about 10:30am woke up to Son and a squirt bottle spraying me…Ahh FunFun.

Sunday logged in at 8pm logged out at Monday @3am Gotup for work at 6am monday morning..lol

Yeah i think i am nuts i played eq2 this weekend more than 32 hours of gaming to be exact 32 hours and 5 minutes of Eq2.

So From 11pm – 3am on Sunday  i created an alt a Shadowknight, and played him durning that time i knew what i was going to make so before hand i had Chubby make All 1-20 Adept III Spells, and Chubetta made her mastercrafted armor, I am sitting at lv 9 with one more kill to reach 10 not to bad for a few hours of gaming, i even stopped the EXP % for a few just to complete all the quest on that Island, which i havent done in the past, with this toon i want to try and do every single quest there is that i can complete with an evil character, not focusing on leveling, but for content.

So now i have a new toon to add to the list, but before i do i want to play for a while and see if i like as well.

Well thats all i have for today

As Always Happy Hunting