Just as the title stated – KOM & Stealth, Better known as “The Misfits Raid Coalitation” completed the 1st level of Emerald Halls (EH), we took down all the named’s and we had a few deaths but with each one we learnedfrom our mistakes. I really had a blast doing this zone last night, I didn’t come out with any drops / loot but the experenice was nice, i am learning we every raid we go on, and is helping to better my toon and future raid’s.

Twixt came out with a 2 good drops that i remembered, one was a recipie book which i havent seen what it makes yet..lol and the other was a weapon i beleive, will have to look into that.

So with each passing day Chubby is getting stronger and gaining more knowledge of the zones and about his class. I would like to Thank all members of KOM for all the hard work they have put in helping me, i could not of made it this far with out you, and i am here to only better myself for the fine guild of KOM that i call my Home. I also would like to take the Time to thanks Stealth for giving KOM the chance to come out on raids and expereince more of Norrath…its been really fun, and i cant wait till Wednesday or Friday to see where we go next.

Ok well enough of just thanking people and sharing what i have learned and experienced going to get in game for a while..

Happy Hunting in Norrath