Well Thursday’s are usually slow, after raiding on the night before i was kinda of not in the mood to do any real hard work. I logged in got the normal “Hey Chubby”, Chubbbbbbbbyyyyyyyy”, “Sup Chubs”. asked around to see what was going on and everyone felt just like i did..lol

So after about 20 minutes of having the blurred vision from clicking a Brewday barrell in our guild hall, i was ready to get ssome old greyed out quest and search for so AA EXP so i can raise my % and get more AA to help Chubby. Chubby is now maxed out in both Adventure and tradeskill levels and can only gain AA points now and it is kinda of slow getting those points due to the zones i havent visited are raid zones.

So i was in Kunzar Jungle kill the Sasquatches ahh i mean Quatchies or what ever they are when i got the call from a few guildies..”hey chubs wanna join us in Barren to finish or Hoolou hat quest, we need Halls of Fate.” Sounded like fun, i have been there a couple time and could of used any of the trash and lore that drops in there for cash. So i joined in and was helping, after we got in there are planned out stratgities, i was MTank and went to pull. So knowing i should body pull these so i dont aggro the entire room, i slowly walk up to the first set of gaurds and get about 2 feet away and run back, as i was running back i looked over my shoulder to see that they were still standing there, voice chat was quite and so i went and tried it again; maybe i wasnt close enough to get the aggro. So in i went this time i was practilly standing on their toes and waiting on a reaction ….Nothing…Then it hit me Damn my level is too high or i have good faction with these guys to where they were still grgeen but not with aggro. So i hit them with a taunt and sure enought the whole room pulled.. i was laughing mentioned it in group voice chat and everyone was laughing with me, not at me. so we came to the conclusion that everyone stays back i’ll pull the room and then once i get all their aggro the DPS can step in and help finish them off..one problem with that they were assisted to me and by the time they were able to get targeted i had that one dead and i was on to the next, so basically i was soloing the zone with a healer, and DPS back up…lol, halfways thru the zone i was gettig boried same ole same ole, so i let the healer pull to get the agrro..lol then i would hit them with my taunts and just destroy them. it was a great run of HoF we did the whole zone, in about 35-40 minutes towards the end they became aggro to me and i begain to do the pulls. After we were all done with the zone i saw that i too received the update and check the journal and sure enough i did have that same quest. The rest of the group went to the Nest in BS and i got lost by the time i gained my barrings and found the entrence to the Nest they had already received their update and their class hat. Dame it to all hell. I zoned in put on the disguise that hoolou gave me and creeped about but my disguise did not fool them they recoginized me. so now i have to go back to Hoolou in BS and do that part again. so at that point i gave up on the class hat, and went with Sinfire to get a shard in LP i think it was Mistmore shard run, Sin has figured a way to get a shard with out really killing that many in the zone and it is mainly solo for him and i just wait in the hall for the update, i know how he does this but i am not sharing the info, sorry i get a free shard everynight for just sitting there..lol

but over all it was a good nght, i helpe some guildies with a few quest, i was going to the DD for last night and was invited to a PUG but when i mentioned that i never been there that they wanted someone who knew the zone, hell i dont blame them i would too, and lately my tanking has really been on the not so good side. I am going to have to relook at my AA Specs and see what i can do to get them improved, also i want to go to Veeshans peak sooooooo bad its unreal, i was looking around Wikia the other day and found a raiding armor set that i just have to have Furious Excutionier set ahhhhhhhh it is so Awsome.

but it was a good time and a good night.

untill next time Happy Hunting in Norrath.