Well this week hasnt produced much gaming, really been boried and haven’t wanted to play. But Wednesday Night was different i got the urge to log in to eq2 and i remembered that we had a raid tonight, i hurried and checked the forums and i still had time, so i headed off to Outer Selibis in KJ.

Knights of Marr & Stealth guilds have a Raid Alliance, Stealth guild have alot of great folks over there and are really helpful. We started off with a rough start. My first pull was to grab the Heiophant, while the Main Tank (Bownzer) grabbed the named and the others would mezz the seer, Well Bownzer counted down from 15 at 5 i hit auto attack, and was ready to click rescue, i saw my target moving i hit the rescue and bam 1 hit i was dead…WTF???

So our first pull didnt go so well but we were able to revive and get back in there and kick their arse. the Heiophant went down fast then i targeted the Seer we took care of him while Bownzer was taking care of the Named. finally the Seer went splat and i turned to help bownzer with the named, Man i was being knocked all over the room with his AoE. Finally i got in a corner and turned and his AoE’s were not knocking me around, i found a glitch woohoo. Having your back facing the target is not really that good but it was working, AoE not throwing me across teh room, but was still taking damage form them. Alas we were able to rattle his crusty old bones. healed up and off to the next room. it seemed as all the room went the same execpt for the last one, his AoE had a Fear attached to it and i was nw running for my life … not really but i had no control of it, so after i got positioned again, went into the crouch stance and proceed to slaughter my target. after about 5-8 min the Named went squish . So now we had 1 last target Doomcoil, now i have been in this zone before with stealth and KOM and it sorta went alot smoother, that night we never defeated Doomcoil but we had fun, so a week later we were back doing it again but something was amiss, we were dieing alot more this time and taking longer to kill the mobs.

So here i was again trying o figure out what i was doing wrong, last time i was here my gear wasnt as good and i have been working on upgrades and my HP & PWR was lower and been gaining those by adorments, so what was different…./ponders. Only thintg i came up was i Suck but i was reassured that it wasnt me, and might be the healers or other DPS failing to do their jobs, but hey i look at it this way, I HAD FUN… it didnt matter to me that we wiped so many times that i used a repair kit and they used a bot (twice..Do the math) but it was the fact that i had fun and wanted to get revenge on Doomcoil, so we got ready while Bownzer told us what was going to happen, and it was all good.. the one thing i do remember was from bownzer..” hey all just remember one thing here..DONT DIE!!! i about fell out of my chair laughing so hard. so after i gaine my composier Bownzer gave the countdown, He hit zero and i let loose i was hitting that thing for 2K a hit i was loving it i went strong for about 3 min and BAM…..Dead again, i was upset, bownzer kept fighting as the healer fell one by one it was a massacare, ewwww the bloodshed. needless to say we wiped and was zoned to the main entrence not able to go back in to try again but locked out. Well guess theres next week Raid to try again.

But all in all i had a really great time we hit a couple other names in KJ and then over in JW and i gained a new weapon and new forearms i will post links tonight or tomorrow. but it was great, we have a raid this Friday and Saturday night i cant wait to go o them this weekend will be a blast.


Happy Hunting in Norrath