Well i really didn’t play much Eq2 this past weekend, i did play GH: WT for 8 hrs straight Friday night and man were my fingers tired..lol.

But with that said Saturday i was planning on getting on and doing my normal allnight game session but fell asleep on the couch. I did however get some time in on Sunday i played some in the afternoon, not doing much just logging my alts in and trying to get them some EXP. and Lvs. Towards the late evening we got another Scion of Ice group together and knocked out 2 shards putting me at 10 shards.

After we were done Twixt said that she can make the void shard armor..wooohooo i was happy after spending much time looking over the different armor i chose the Heroic Void Shard armor and she was able to make me my Gaunlets, and Leggings giving me the +10STA for having 2 pieces, wooot wooot thanks Twixt.

We discussed alittle how we can knock out some shard events this week and we are going to try to get a guild grp everynight this week and do scion and maybe a few others. also i am planning on looking for a few PUG shard groups, so anyone on Crushbone server looking for a 80 Zerker to fill your grp let me know PST..

So with that said, i am finally on my way to getting some better equipment with some good stats as well as buying some addornments to give that extra boost. so i have 2 of 7 pieces and back down to 1 shard now i need to save for my chest and shoulders, i dont think i am getting a full set just because my forearms and Feet are fabled and have better stats at this time, i may still get the armor and have it so when i get rdy to upgrade to T2 and then to T3 which is coming out with GU 51.

Well Happy Hunting in Norrath and i will see you along the path to Freeport.