Well not much to talk about today, last night we did another run of Scion of ice to gain more Void Shards and after we were done there i went with Sinfire to Mistmore for another shard, all and all i gained 3 shards last night and i am now up to 8 shards. I may have Mya / twixt / Harlow craft me 2 of my T1 Void Shard Armor i need to look and see which ones i want but i may see if she can do them tonight to help me get geared up. also if i gain 3 more tonight i will have enough for my breastplate, put i want to get at least 2 parts of the armor so i can benifit for the procs that they give. So i will see who is on tonight, i posted on our guild forum today regarding shard runs i want to do, and hopefully this gets a few in the guild excited and wanting to do some more.

other than that, it was a quite thursday.. tonight being friday i am going to Corliss’s house for a lan party and hopefully we can get corliss some levels so he can take advantage of the Epic and Shards, we need to get as many folks in the guild armored up and ready for the raids…..End game here i come.

Happy Hunting in Norrath