Well last night started like Tuesday night kinda slow, then my good friend Healyou asked if i wanted to get a Shard group going, and i have been wanting to get some more shards so i can start getting my T1 shard armor.

So we joined up and it was Cece, Heal and Me from Knights of Marr, then we picked up Pimuka, Blackholeson, and 1 more ( forgot his name) for a full group. He wanted to do Abretys Lab but once we got in there and died 3 times in a row we deceided to leave and goto Scion of Ice in Everfrost, which was great, I have been there before and remember what to do..lol

So we got out shard quest and headed into the Scion of Ice. I felt like a pro on voice chat, telling the group what i was going to do and giving a countdown on most of the pulls. Our first couple of pull went great, in the next room however i taunted instead of body pulling and aggroed 6 and we wiped almost in an instance, so i learne from my mistake and buffed back up waited for for the sickness to go away and started again.

This time it was all body pulls and we just moved from room to room clearing them out with ease, every now and then we would get someone knocked back into another mob and either wipe or come pretty close to wiping. We went and got our void shard first and then continued to reak havoc upon the residence of Scion of Ice.

we defeated every mob in the zone. we had the last Named in the front of the zone we tried several times to kill him but each time we failed, at one point we had him to 10% but yet he unleashed his AOE’s and quickly put his boot in our arse’s. With that said we decieded to call it the night for the zone. We had a great time i only used one repair kit and total repaid bill was only 22 gold and some change. i also picked up a quest at the begining and did my turn in to find that i gained an extra Void Shard. Chubby now has 5 shards and is still way off from what he needs for a full set of T1 void shard armor. I am also working on my epic weapon and now need groups in order to get past these next steps of the quest. This weekend will bring alot of Havoc and simay upon the creatures of Norrath as for Chubby will be yeilding so pain their way to complete his epic and gain more shard.

Once i have the epic i can focus more on the shards and it should make tanking alot easier. If you see me around and want to help just ask we will need all the help i can get.

Happy Hunting in Norrath



Lv 80 Berserker / Lv 80 Alchemist