Well Tuesday was a slow night, really didnt have much to do and wanted to see if chubby was able to get his starter quest for his epic. Well i went back to the underwater cave in SS and it was still saying the same thing i was kinda concerned and started to read wikia and A-Zams site on this quest, so i decieded to goto Nek Forest and see if i could enter Dire Hollow and get this quest started.

So i made it to the enternece , and the instance was clickable, so i clicked. I started to Zone in and was being very carefull not to distrub anything i saw my point of contact at his desk with his assistant. So i intrupted his work and began to listen to him tear me a new one..lol, So after he was done ranting i basically told him to bring it on and the bugger attacked me, so i whipped out my trusty sword and began to show him who the mighter warrior was, so after the battle he laid on the floor in a puddle of blood, his assistant was freaking out saying that his work was not complete and that the tears were still open and void creatures would be pouring out into Norrath….ahhhh Now you tell me !!

So after listening to her rave and shake in fear, i proceeded to look around the cave and there it was a tear in the fabric of space and time and of course the void creatures were making their way into Norrath.

i proceeded to slay the creature 1 at a time then the assistanst called me back over and advised that i need to travel Norrath and find these tears and try and close them to make Norrath safe once more.


This is where i left off last night so, for at least a day i was just sitting still and wondering why i couldnt get the quest started, well i am a big dummy because i was in the wrong zone after i spoke to the apprentice in the underwater cave. So with that said i will be journeying amongst the creatures of Norrath to fulfill my birthright and claim my Weapon.


Happy Hunting in Norrath