Well I started my Zerkers epic quest line last night and got stuck right off the bat, so the quest giver is a real picky fella, i mean ghost..lol anyways he didnt like my answers i gave and blocked me from starting my epic last night. I checked Wikia and all it said was that you must answer the question real polite, which i thought i did. Now Wikia fails to say just how long that this NPC wont talk to you, all it says is” for a long time”. Well i would like to know What the Hell is a Long time considered..lol.

So being blocked i logged Kuzab in and ran around Everfrost doing some quest i was in there for about 10 min when Kuzab gained an AA point and about 3 min later Kuzab reached Level 43…~Gratzzz~

I was sorta getting boried no one was really on and didnt feel much like grinding . I have noticed that kuzab has some really powerful combat arts and spells which i did enjoy, makes killing mobs alot easier when soloing.

Tonight i think i am going to try and get  group together and get kuzab leveled up some and even check back in with the Epic Quest giver Apprentice Neemie ( Something like that) .

As always Happy Hunting in Norrath

Chubby & Kuzab