New lv 77 gear made by Harlow for Chubbylilbuddy

New lv 77 gear made by Harlow for Chubbylilbuddy

Well last week was a long week, i was busy doing some raids and just trying to grinding out the last 2 levels before reaching level 80.

Well around 11pm last tuesday Feb 24th chubby hit lv 80 Wooot, Chubbys been a year + in the making, and he wasnt my first toon, but my second toon that i started. I had rolled kuzab when Eq2 first launched and played him for sometime got kinda boried and ventured to other MMO’s to see what was out there. When i came back i rolled a new toon and Hence Chubby was born on Oct 16, 2007. Its been a long Journey and been thru a few guilds before finally finding his Home in Knights of Marr.

Knights of Marr of the Crushbone Server have been a wonderful group of people who have helped me gain levels and be apart of their daily happenings and i feel at home here. We have been doing raids a few nights a week and everyone has been helping me gain raid gear or crafting me my normal gear for basic grouping and soloing, i really owe alot to all the members of this fine guild.

My next goal is to get Kuzab leveled up, the bonus that he will get from chubby being 80 is a plus, but he is well overdue to b getting some attention. After Kuzab gets his rank,then Chubetta my fury will get her time in as well. hopefully it wont take as long as it did with Chubby, since i now know where and where not to adventure and do alot of quest for these other alts.

Too everyone that has helped me gain my status in the ranks of Norraths legions ..Thank you

and to all that are still grinding and feeling like that the day will not come, hang in there and just keep on grinding and questing, you will reap the rewards soon enough.

Chubby's Lv 80 Stats so far with 120 AA points

Chubby's Lv 80 Stats so far with 120 AA points

As always Happy Hunting in Norrath.


~Lv 80 Beserker / Lv 80 Alchemist~