Well Me, Healyou, Corliss and Cecee went to Jasthar Waste to help Heal with his Epic he needed some updates in this area. I was all game for it since i really never been in the all of the zone so we started our journey.

Heal made it a point to get Corliss and I all of our Soskar towers on the way which is awsome now i have the bird post and can journey in the zones, he was able to get us all the Fens post which i had most already and all of the Jasthar Waste post that i know of so it was great.

as we made our way thru Corliss was almost ready to ding, so Heal again ran us around the zone getting disco’s so corliss could ding and after a few mob kills DING he hit level 74…Gratz lilbro grats

But we finally made it to the Skyfire Mountains man this place hasn’t changed much at all from EQ1, I can remember helping Corliss (Damondar) in EQ1 here for days getting his Epic. yeah this place brings back tons of memorys good and bad..haha

Our group wondered around the zone killing everything in site with ease, no deaths no worries…it was awsome, i really had a great time in this part of the zone and cant wait to come back.

As we were wondering we came across several sites, one was the cave from EQ1 where the Named Dragon was, well that Cave or Tunnel is still there didnt see any Dragons but there were loads of Wurms..Fun fun.

Also off in the distance we say this shimmering palace and couldn’t make out what it was so we decided to take a closer look. Once we arrived we saw that it was the Tower of the White Lady or something like that we were really excited, so we proceed into the Ice lair, we killed everything  in the general opening and took the floating platform over to the island, however we werent able to zone in ,either due to not having the quest or now high enough in levels not sure, Hea was going to research this.


Overall this was a great night we started our group around 8pm EST and when we ended, it was just after 2am EST man didnt even seem like it we saw alot of new places, received tons of Disco’s and EXP not to mention Corliss and i got to level, yeah i forgot to metion that Chubby Dinged to 79 wooohoo.

Thanks goes out to Healyou, Cecee, & Corliss for making my evening a spectacular one i had a blast guys.

Happy Hunting in Norrath

Chubby / Kuzab