Yajee 200 Writ Contest in KOM guild

Yajee 200 Writ Contest in KOM guild


Well the last few weeks Knights of Marr on the crushbone server has had a contest going on first person to reach 200 writs starting on Jan 30th 2009, would receive a large sum of plat. (Cant think og the amount at this time will update once i get home and log in to check game mail to see ). So this was a great idea A.) to get folks doing things as a guild and B.)help level the guild up quickly when this contest started we sat at Guild level 78 so 2 levels away from 80. So after 2 weeks of people grinding and grinding on writs mainly traeskill writs the guild hit level 80 , now since the guild hit 80 there was a clause in the contest clause “if the guild hits lv 80 during this contest we will basically double the amount of plat) so this was an added incentive i personally tried my best to do as many writs as i could, this was alot of fun plus from the tradeskill writs i made some good loot in just bonuses they add up. i was copmpleting about 12-13 writs an hour on a good night. but it wasnt enough, Sunday Corliss had reached 200 writs and he mainly did all tradeskill writs, i was happy and saddened at the same time as for i would not bve receiving my plat, Cecilia came in 2nd and i think i came in 3 or 4th not too sure at this point have to look .



2009 Winner of Yajee's 200 Writ Contest ~CORLISS~

But over all i want to say Congrats to Corliss for a well done job he also leveld in tradeskill by completing these writs and gained a few levels in adventure when he took a break.lol also wasnt to say thank you to Yajee and other guild leaders who helped make this a wonderful event. keep it up we love things like this and we are looking forward to the next comtest that i am going to win..hehe.

Happy Hunting

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