Ok well i finally got my first custom built pc over this weekend, we ordered all the parts last sunday and they came in on Friday, not bad at all.

So i have a great machine now thanks to Corliss, who helped me pick what i needed and ordered and built the PC for me.

I have a Nforce Nvidia Motherboard, AMD 5600+  2.81Ghz processor,           4 Gigs of Watercooled RAM, Nvidia 9800GT 512mb GDDR3 vid card, 160GB SATA Hard drive with a 200GB hard drive as back up, all and all its a great machine, its fast compared to my other one and i didnt know EQ2 had graphics like i am seeing..lol…I’m very happy and cant wait to try other games on it too, it my very own gaming Machine.

Anyways back to Eq2…

Last night i didnt get on till after 9am due to the wife wanting to goto Akron ohio to a scrapbooking store to get some mch needed supplies. See we both have our addictions mine being Video games and eq2 and her’s is scrapbooking, so after spending the whole day there, and having 2 cranky kids along for the trip, we headed home thru a Hugh SNOW STORM and all i can say is that a 1hour and 30 min trip home turned out to be 3 hours of “Man where did the road go..Ohhhh its not here Craaaaaapp there it is” kind of drive, Luckly eeryone in the car was alseep including me at one point..lol just joking, but we made it, took the kids in got them ready for bed, did a few things and i was ready to play. No it really amazes me that even though you have headphones and a mic on your head other people in the room try to talk to you and wonder why you dont answer them.. not naming any names, but in case anyone is reading….”I CANT HEAR YOU WITH THEM ON”. ok now that’s out of the way.

I settled in for a medium night of gaming, logged on and couldn’t think of anything to do, so Soloed in kunzar jungle for a while, ventured to TT and went thru SOS then went back to Kunzar jungle and got boried so i said why not Moors, Yes even though when i solo there it seems that i keep getting killed, so i finished up some quest and DING level 77 woot woot, 3 levels away from 80 man i cant believe i have a toon this far along, so yes Chubby hit 77 and at that point Moors the beginning part got alittle easy no more of “Oh crap how did i die” questions to myself.  but actully i did alot of the killing, but yes i did have a few in game glitches of a spider attackingme but there was no spider in site kind of things but all-n-all it was a good night i finished 8 quest that i have had for some time and gained another 5 quest in moors.

I am looking for a log pharser that will help track some quest and mobs so if anyone knows of a good free on let me know, so i can post some of the quest here i do so many that they all blur together, but want to write about them..hehe and want to make sure i have an accurate account of what and how i did it.

anyways plan on going back to moors tonight and maybe going back to some other areas depending whats going on in the guild tonight.

untill Next time Happy Hunting


Kuzab Darklotus


Chubbylilbuddy Darklotus of Crushbone Server