Ok so i am back up and running as of yesterday evening.

I had alot of problems with this New virus that was out and before i found the solution i had already formated my pc’s main Drive (/C:). Well even after i did a factory restore / Format the virus was still there and i dug a little deeper and still had not found what i needed to take it off the PC, I did at this point know what virus i had and had manual instruction how to remove it from the PC but after reading what seemed like a short novel, i decieded to goto bed. The next day at work my pc was acting funny and came to find out that my PC at work had been infected as well, so i called in the reinforcements..IT STAFF, Guess it helps if i work for a medical software company. While one of the techs was working on the PC i was watching close by remembering all the tools that he was using to remove the virus. Well after 3 hours of watching and my head was hurting, he had removed the virus and i was back up and running. i immediatly sent my self an email with al the information that he did that i could remember along with the links for the software. I got home that night i felt like a little boy on Christmas morning. I started the process of removal and after about 2 hours i had removed the virus completly and found 2 more which also were removed at this point. I was able to update my virus Scan (Avg) and was able to goto Microsoft windows update page as i was being blocked before. now after 3 days of Updates from 2005 to present i have my Pc backl to normal the only hang up i had yesterday was my Video card was not registering ( ATI Radeon 9250 PCI 256MB) Yeah i know its old!!!

I finally loaded a old version of the drivers ATI Rad 9200 and Catalyist program and then updated to the current Drivers for the 9250 and it worked. i logged in last night and my graphics were actully better than they were before the Virus ..haha.

So i was able to get a few hours of gaming in, not much done just Tradeskilled some, Soloed in Kunzar jungle and then loaded my alt and did a few quest in ferrott.

next week i will have a new PC i have a in-game /RL friend that is really great with computers and is building me a new one, we should have all the parts this weekend as long as New Egg shipped them on time , if not it will be the middle of next week. but the end result is going to be a kick ass gaming machine for very little money, example is a $1400 system for $660 bucks, not bad at all.

Well until next time Happy Hunting in Norrath, and look me up on Crushbone server i’m usually up for anything.


Kuzab Darklotus