Ok so i have been out for a while due do an unforeseen Virus again, yes i got the Downadup virus and it really screwed things up, so i finally ( i think ) got rid of, had to reformat and i am up to Service pack 2 on Windows XP so i have about 60 more updates and then on to service pack 3. only my main drive was infected, my 2nd hard drive that i store eq1 & 2 and WoW on was not infected at all, once i have SP3 installed i will be back on untill then, i am out…writing this from work so no infections will spread. If you get this virus goto http://www.simplysup.com/ and DL the trojan remover as well as use Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware i used both of these and i am now clean.

Good luck to all that is infected and will see you in game in a few days.