Ok so last night was kind slow no one really on in the guild and no groups getting formed, Oh Well..Tonight there should be something going on, its friday night and usually a large majority of the guild is on fridays. So i’m hoping to see a mini-raid or just some casual grouping to help each other out.

So i ventured in to Kunzar Jungle last night for the 1st time, it kind of reminds you of  Kylong plains in a way, but had a good time. So old friends were on and i grouped with them Ulana and Timpleton of The Looony Toons Guild- they are former guild mates of mine as i use to be a co-leader of Looony Toons and got burned out on the responsiblity of being a co-leader ( I wanted to follow , and not lead). So we began by getting my faction with the first camp that was by the zone in near Riliss from Fens. Now once i was able to get my quest and Timpleton shared what he had the tricky part was to get past the iskar camp / temple / village, so i hugged the mountain and jumped down into a mob of Sabertooth tigers, i’m sure they are called something else in this zone but i cant remember the name at this time. So after killing the mob we relized that we both needed more tigers so we just circled the trees and aggroed the remaining mobs to get our quest update. Sounds easy right, ahh did i mention that i died like 3 times durning this process, yeah well i did, the first death really wasnt my fault, we invis’d and went into the camp to try and pick up quest but we forgot that i was aggro and when we unvis’d  i suddenly had iskars on me, now i held my for for about a min while the other 2 just watch and then ran, i think i killed 4 out of the 10 iskars that deceided that i would make a good late night snack. now the other 2 times was my fault, My wife was talking and i wasnt paying attention and ran into a large mob not once but twice. So after figuring i would just follow Timpleton we became kinds synced, we were killing everything in sight, Untill my computer had the idead to reboot durning combat, Said “The Moniter had an unexplained error, system reboot was needed to correct the issue” well thats fine if it gave me the option of rebooting now or later, but nope it just flickered and next thing i know i was starting at a Welcome to Microsoft Windows XP Screen. so i got back in and we re-grouped and went for the Mantrap plants and leeches started to kill them, and then again my PC rebooted, so after about 30 min of checking my settings and Video card, i came to find that my vid card setting were causing the malfunction, so i just lowered the setting  and went in game and adjusted the settings for in game too. So at this point Ulana had to log so he could get some sleep so he could work in the morning. I found Timpleton and explained what happened and he asked if i could help him kill what looked like bellywumppers from Fens (Field of bones area) no problem, Timpletom is Lv 74 Fury and needed some extra help from my lv 76 zerker, No prob we cleared the cave out in no time and Timp got his update. After we turned in all our quest Timpleton had to log, I too should have logged but was too pumped to be in a new zone and was receiving Disco’s everywhere i turned. So i continued on for about another half hour, i went and sought out revenge on the leeches, and mantraps then i killed a few tigers and was having a hard time keeping the old peepers open, So i zone back to Guild hall to turn in my loot to the broker.

Over all i really like Kunzar Jungle, i didn’t get a chance to take many screen shots of the area but plan on revisting these areas again tonight if we are not doing a guild event. i gain some much need xp i was at 30% when we started and i now sit at 75% xp so not bad for a couple hours of questing, I do think i stil have 5% debt collected from all my encounters (DIED ALOT).

Happy Hunting to all



Kuzab Darklotus