TwoFang in Fens

TwoFang in Fens

Last night was an awsome night, couple of us from Knights of Marr gathered in Fens. It was about 8pm est and i logged in to Eq2, Healyou was already in fens doing his quest. I checked my broker and found that i did not sell anything, Heal said that anyone was welcome to join him in fens and i looked i had 14 quest in that area that need to be done and i also needed to get my faction up with Bathzid watch so i headed to fens. Along the way heal mentioned that Knebiter and Celicea would be joining us, Great we got a good group. so we meet up in field of bone where heal was waiting, we proceeded to kill the scaly wolfies, tyhen on to the Bonedigger Hearvesters, and so forth. We continued to hack and slash our way thru the zone earning some loot, none to mention  Celicia and Kne got their L&L for the Yai-Lei, and i completed about 10 of the 14 quest and added more to my collection. We also killed a number of Names last night, Bone went down like a Bag of bones, the Tusker Named (which slipps my mind right now) and several others. I also gained 2 AA points and Chubbylilbuddy is now at 99 AA points, for being 76 that many AA doesnt seem to be enough, guess i have been slacking.

After about 5 hours in the zone hacking our way thru most of it we decided to call it quits.  All -n-all last night was a great night, i really had fun and got to accomplish many things as well as helping other guildies complete quest that they needed. Oh Yeah i got my quest start for my Epic Crafter in BW …Wooohooo now i just got start to craft and get this done.

This is really a big accomplisment for me even though i have been playing MMO’s since the Ruins of Kunark in Eq1,  I have mot had a toon get past level 55. Kuzab the Dwarf warrior in Eq1 is still sitting at lv 55 in field of bone, so to have Chubby at level 76 and to hit 80 as an alchemist, is a wonderful thing.  Next goal is to get Kuzab leveled up on adventure and on trade and all the other alts, Also i am loving tje 10% bonus i get in crafting now for having a lv 80 alchemist, adds to the magic.

To bring this to a close i just wanted to say Thank you to Heal,Celicia, and Kne and everyone in the Knights of Marr Guild on Crushbone Server; you all rock, you have a wonderful guild and i am honored to be apart of it. Heres to many more nights of working thru a zone as a guild.

As always Happy Hunting


A.K.A….Kuzab Darklotus.