Well the last couple of nights have been slow for me, just been really tired and have not done much gaming. I think the weekend wore me out.

I was able to Make it to level 80 Alchemist i jsu kept crafting the rush order for about an hour since i was so close….Wooohoooo …..DING

***DING***Level 80 Alchemist

Last night i only made potions on my lv 80 Alchemist so i can sell on the broker and make some money. Monday night i couldn’t figure what i wanted to do. So i deceided to create a new toon, i looked around and decided it was either going to be a Warlock or a Templar…so i went with the Warlock. I gave birth to my newest creation Kryptionan (Yes i am a Superman fan, Smallville rocks!!) i leveled him up to 4 or 5 i really can’t remember at this point but it brought back alot of memories when i started Kuzab, that feeling of something new that i have been lacking lately and been feeling kinda burned out. So i was able to make my own Adept III Spell upgrades even though he is a low level i like to have at least adept III’s on all my toons and then eventully i will get my masters. since he is still a low level i am not worried about his masters at this point. so after messing with him for about 45 min and gaining 5 levels i think i logged off and went to bed.

i mentioned earlier that i must be wore out from my weekend…My Gaming Weekend…woot woot …Friday night i spent most of roaming around Fens and KP trying to get some quest done and make some before i knew it, it was 5am on saturday, i told myself i must get some sleep, after a half hour i logged out. Woke up around 10 am to my 5 year old Daughter jumping on the bed and threating me with a Squirt bottle, Yeah needless to say i got up real quick. So i then proceed with the morning ritual, shower, get dressed, and making it to the coffee pot to put on my Elixer of rejuvination (A.K.A..COFFEE)  yes lots and lots of coffee, so after the morning hellos with the wife and kids we had our family breakfast of giggles and bickering and daddy feeling as he is losing his mind..lol. We then proceeded to the saturday morning Cheerleading for my Daughter, after being there for an hour i was getting sleepy but was wide awake for the coffee and chanting of 5-6 year old girls. Then i thought we was almost ready when i reliezed that my son had a Basketball game next, this is the kid that didnt want to play baseball this year because it was too much running, yeah i think he was surprised the first day of basketball practice. So here i am wide eyed and bushy tailed with a Splitting headache watching my son play B-ball, he needs lots and lots of work, but hey this is his first year playing and he really didnt to that bad, I was a proud father this morning. we got home around 2pm. We got the kids some lunch and they proceeded to go to their rooms, about the time i was ready to log into Eq2 for some saturday afternoon Gaming i hear this Kackling coming from the kids room, kinda courious i walked around the corner and here is my wife yelling at the kids about their rooms, So after noticing what was happening i slowly turned away and tiptoed from where i was, but it was too late the lioness saw me and had the look of dinner in her eyes. Before i knew it i was doing laundry and cleaning the litter box. So after 45 min of pure hell and a smell that i wont get out of my nose for at least 3 weeks, she was done with me and said i could do what i want, now i had a few thoughts run thru my mind at that point but i settled for the EQ2 one. So i logged in and dabbled with crafting a bit and headed to fens to get some kills in before i had to log for dinner.

A buddy of mine Corliss (In game name) called earlier in the week and want to know if i wanted to have a LAN party at his place this saturday and i said “Hell Yeah !!!!”, well he said we’d have it around 6-630pm and i was really excited to get some game time in with no interuptions. So i mentioned in Guild chat and the guild planned on doing somethig together around 7pm for saturday. Woot woot

So 6 pm hit told the wife i was going to Corliss house and not to expect me till early morning, So i headed out got to his place and all the lights were out Hmmmmmmm wonder whats going on, So icalled him and he advised that he was stuck at his Girlfriends fathers birthday, no prob man call me when you get back. well i went home and watched Fred Clause with the wife and kids and ate some cold Pizza. well 7pm went by and then 8pm went by i was like man where the hell is he. so at like 845pm he called and said he was on his way home and wanted to know if i still wanted to have the LAN party and of Course i was like YESSSSSSSSSSs. So after 15 minutes of driving thru ice and snow squalls, i made it so we went in and he informed me that i was using his PC and he would use the laptop, cool well he failed to mention that his pc is hooked to a 52inch Flatscreen mounted to the wall …WOOT WOOT

So after about what seemed like 45 minutes of messing with my UI settings and chat fonts so i could see we were ready to play. Guild was waiting around on us to make it in and they werent too happy, Felt like the villagers we hunting us with their pitchforks,shovels and torches. Well after gathering the few folks that waited on us we went to Halls of Fate in Bonemire, Never been inside before only to the door, Of course they choose me to be the Tank ( Which is great), So never being in here before i had no clue as what to expect. so with some guidence from the guild members we ventured into the Halls of Fate. All i can say is that it was awsome, Mobs were coming from the left and right and straight at us i was swinging my axe with grace and bodys were oiling up on the floor. we made it to the Dragon ( Name slipped my mind) and the funny thing is that i was told to watch out for the knock back its killer from the mobs in this room before we get to the dragon, As soon as they said that i was in the air just not a little but i actully flew from one side of the room to the other, it was wild and funny at the same time, we never died and we took down the dragon in like 3 minutes of reaching him. At thsi point someone in the guild chat mentioned it being 4 am i was like it cant be me and Corliss looked and sure enough it was 4am, We Choose to stay on and goto fens. So Chubby and Corliss headed our way to Fens after spending like 30 minutes in there and watching Corliss die , Very very quick several times we went back to KP. we kill everything in site trying to get him to level up. if i remember he did make it 1 level up, After he finished about 8 quest we looked and it was 6am we decided to call it a night, i was gather my things up adn looked outside and it had not stopped snowing we must of received like 6inches of snow while we played so i crashed in the spare room till about 930 when the wife was calling wanting to know where i was. So needless to say it was a Great gaming weekend and i am still paying for 2 all night gaming sessions. Sunday i really didnt do much gaming just fighting to keep my eyes open. but this weekend is fast approaching and i can at least stay home and get Friday and saturday Allnight gaming sessions in .WOOT WOOT.

Peace be with you my friends, Happy Hunting


Chubbylilbuddy…A.K.A………………..Kuzab Darklotus