Well after 2 days of not gaming in eq2 due to a bad stomach Virus, i thought it was withdrawls from eq2 at first, i am finally back on track to get Chubby to 80 in both Adventure and Alchemist. As we speak Chubby is siting at Lv 75 with 82% xp and is a Lv 78 Alchemist with 80% xp. So he not to far from 80 on either, this is my goal for the upcoming weekend is to hit 80 in both.

Speaking of Weekends, Saturday Jan 10 @ 6pm i am heading to corliss’s house for a Gaming lan party we plan on playing from 6pm -6am non-stop, I have my depends and rubber pants out for less mess..J/K  so by sunday morning i should be sitting at 80.

In other news, I have been soloing alot in Fens and Kylong plains – I find these areas to be actully fun and challanging. The Loot here is awsome i am bring in about 3-4 plat just on Vendor trash in about 3-4 hours of gaming then selling the Rare items on the broker to where i could make alot more so, this area is great. The quest as alittle easy, but the main thing here is to gain your faction with the different races in this area, of course it can be tricky killing one race will gain you faction with their enimies and lowering with them, don’t get to far in dept to a faction because its alot harder to bring it back up without ruining with the other, the key is to Kill the little Yae-hiea ( or however you spell it )  they will bring faction up with the Bathizid watch and not damage it with the rillians. Still trying to find the one where it will increase both Watch and the Rillians.

I have been do my fair share of quest here, running there and then back to here those sort of ones, kill me 10 prowlers then kill me 20 of these. after a while you feel like your eyes  are going to bleed from staring at the screen too long. But i have managed to go thru about 15 quests in Fens, the money is good, but the armor they are giving you can be anywhere from lv 68 and up however i have not received any upgrades for my lv 75 Zerker,  and alot of the items are No-Trade, so no chance of selling them on the broker, But the do bring anywhere from 7-25 gold depending on the item.

Other than this i will continue to grind my way to 80 for the next couple of nights, i may hit it before saturday but no the less i should be 80 by the end of this weekend.