Well i started the New Year with a Bang, and when i say Bang i mean Virus..Happy New Year.

I was getting ready to get some EQ2 Gameathon going on and my Virus Scanner went off, saying that i had a virus and do i want to Heal it… Of Course i do, However by clicking yes to the heal it, i made the virus made and my PC shut down. I had this look on my face that i only had one other time and that was when i was 5 and my dad broke my racetrack that i had just put together on christmas morning in 1978 ( Had it opened and was playing it for like 10 min before it was a plastic junk pile).

So i turned the PC back on and it seemed fine started to load, then everything just froze and then it rebooted again, we did this for about 10 reboots and there was no chance of getting this thing to work right.

So from past expereince, during booting i pressed my F10 button button and was able to get into my Recovery program because the pc was unstable for System Restore. So after tinkering with recovery, i had to format the /C: Drive in order to get it to stop. So after a few hours of Recovery my PC is restored back to 2004, on the bright  side my /D: was not affected and i didnt lose an EQ2 Data…woooohooooo Ding you just gained a level in computer recovery skills.”

Once i get home this evening i will provid a recap of the belated Holiday Gameathon.