I logged in last night and a good friend of mine Corliss calledme out in voice chat, he wanted to level his Warlock to 70, he was sitting pretty at 69 with only 15% in to this level. I told him i was up for the challenge, so i brought Chubbylilbuddy, my 74 Berserker.  Along the way we meet up with a fellow guildie Myainsel  a level 80 Warden who mentored down to me.

I told Corliss to meet us in KP at the docks (Dergs Landing) and to gather as many quest as he could get, after about 10 min he said he had all the quest in this area, so we were set and ready. First we hit the Dracnaids (Spider-people)  and just went on a killing frenzy, loot was dropping everywhere it was great, After making it up to the Widows Den Entrance, he advised that he completed the Writ, Woot woot ..So off to kill the Drolvargs so we went back down the mountain leaving the remains of Dead Spider-People. We came into the area where the Drolvargs are and LAG came into a big factor at this point, I don’t know if its my PC, Internet (DSL) or SOE, but it seems as of late with the launch of TSO i have been experiencing alot more LAG and it really bites. After about 15 min of lagging it went away as fast as it came, so we started to kill the Drolvargs; He need Snarler, Gnasher, Scavengers the whole nine yards, So let the beatings commence…we were there for about an hour killing everything in site, fighting the Lag that came back and it was a great time we killed all the Drolvargs that he needs and it was nice to help a good friend and fellow guild mate complete some of these quests that he needed.  In guild chat people were wondering what was going on he had completed like 5 writs in4 secs and it was blowing the guild chat up, Congrats were flowing Ale and Mead at a Dwarven festival, but yet he had not leveled. So on to the next quest to the Hillock crusher, now this is kinda of frustrating for me because for some reason i could not see the hillock Crushers but i could see everything else in the zone, i saw the Drolvargs, the Brutes, The lizard guys but not the flipping giants..lol. So i had to target Corliss and assist him in order to hit them which was again frustrating, every now and then i didn’t see him getting hit by the other crushers and he almost died more than once, But at this point no one in the group had perished. so he was able to complete his writ /quest for the hillock crushers and we went after the brutes so after about 30 min of killing the brutes, i showed him where the Yeti were and headed up the mountain killing yeti after Yeti, At this point Myainsel  had to go, it was getting late for her, so we parted our ways.  Corliss and i continued our journey thru the mountains and came to the druid ring so he could get his “Bush of Blessing”. We Entered Tearns Grasp and he added more quest to his collection. He wanted to go back to Dregs landing to turn in some of his other quest that he had picked up along the way and we headed back down killing everything in site. 

We got back to Dregs Landing safe and sound and then that’s where my things started to go wrong i had about 4 fatal error messages with in 30 min of each other. so this was the end of my gaming session for the night. I spent the next 3 hours trying to figure why i was crashing so much and what was causing it, i never was able to pin point it to one specific thing, i just deleted a lot of files in the Eq2 directory and let the update patcher re-install them. So after about 30 min of Downloading, i was able to log back in and yeah i forgot to save my UI Settings and now my Profit Reborn was gone. so i logged back out again and reinstalled Profit and eq2 maps. now that i have my map and Ui back the fun part is setting it back up to the way i had it before. At this point i decided that i could take the time another night and set those up.

Over all it was a good not in KP, Corliss received some nice drops, I’ll post some pics up once i get home tonight (At work Now..can ya tell), i finally got to group with some Guildies and i didn’t spend it crafting , Which i don’t mind that much.

Since tonight Being New Years Eve, i dont know how much game time i am going to get in, i have to see what the wife wants to do tonight since we are the last minute people and can never deceide on what to do.

Happy New Year to everyone, and here’s to 2009 we welcome you for at least 365 more days..hehe