Well i had a hard time deciding who to log in last night, I went with my Berserker Chubby lv 74 . I have been working on this toon for the longest time, and i have been trying to keep his tradeskill level of Alchemy 72 in line with his Adventure level 74, this way i can make my own Adept III spells and sell the others on the broker and make some loot. So far this has been working for me i am now up to 40 Plat and making more each day. Also with TSO Quest giving out great experience and cash rewards its easy to make money at the higher levels.

Rush Orders really come in hand, So after about 2 hours of tradeskilling i gained 3 levels in Alchemy so Chubby is level 75 in his trade, so now i can start making my adept III Spells.

I was looking thru my Journal and noticed that i had alot of Quest that needed to be done in Kunzar Jungle, so i headed off to KP for quick flight to the Jungle, after there for about an hour i kinda got bored soloing, looked for a group and of course could not find one in that area. so i grinded a little more and decided that i have had enough, so i logged in Chubetta my fury.

Chubetta is fairly new for me and the fury class is a great class to dabble in healing and still being able to fight melee, i noticed that her tradeskill (Armorer) was at level 32 and i began to think if i can get her leveled up in her trade then i can make my aromor for Chubby and Kuzab, so let the tradeskill grind begin. I have really enjoyed crafting lately, before it felt like an unwanted chore that my mother was telling me to do, but after seeing the rewards on my other toons and saving alot of loot its not so much a chore. I Crafted her little heart out for about an hour and gained 2 levels and she is now level 34 armorer. At this point i could barely keep my eyes open so i decided to send my crafts to the broker to see what i could get from them and selling off the not so needed armor to the trash vendor, i came out with 1 plat just on the trash vendor so i can’t wait to see what i bring in with the needed armor.

After that i decided to log off for the night after all it was 2:30am and i had to be up at 6am to get ready for work.

All in all not a bad night gained a total of 5 levels in tradeskills between 2 toons and added a few things to the broker in hopes of making some loot.

Tonight i think i am going to get some folks in the guild together and see what chaos we can stir. until next time Happy Hunting.